Din Bolig Alanya

Home Service

Most real estate buyers, especially foreign residents, after buying a property, ask themselves who will look after my apartment, house or villa during my absence. After all, it is very important to be sure that the apartment and everything inside is in working order, especially when you rent it out or come after a long trip, tired, and the apartment has no electricity or the air conditioner does not work, the TV or refrigerator is broken. It is for the owner to be calm and confident that everything is under control, in his new apartment, a thousand kilometers away, Din Bolig Alanya provides such a service as "Home Service".

With the service "Home Service" you can be calm about your apartment in Alanya. Our team of specialists will do everything necessary to ensure that your home is always ready for a cozy and comfortable stay. We take care of your apartment as if it were our own; airing, cleaning, checking and paying bills for electricity and water, paying land taxes, checking the working condition of household appliances and taps for water leaks, and much more.