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When will Alanya become a separate province of Turkey?

Talks about returning Alanya to the status of a separate Turkish province have been going on for a long time. Moreover, in Alanya, a new heraldry is being used for the second year (not city, but province) and a new City Hall Palace is being completed (they say it will be a governorship). What is the situation with the return of Alanya to the status of a province? What will it change in the life of the city and its districts? How will this affect the cost of housing?

✴ This week, the city newspaper Gazete Alanya raised this topic again by publishing a statement by Umut Ezkan, chairman of the Party of Democracy and Progress (DEVA) in Alanya. The politician expressed the opinion that the government and the opposition should unite in an effort to return Alanya to the status of a separate province of Turkey. According to Ezkan, Alanya, both historically and in its current geopolitical situation, fully deserves to regain the status of a province.

✴  What will give Alanya the status of a separate province of Turkey?
Firstly, the Alani district will receive significantly more funding, develop faster and more globally. And secondly, the status of the districts will be revised, Avsallar, Mahmutlar, Kargicak, Kestel, which are closed today, will be opened for primary residence permits. Apartments in Alanya (as in the provincial capital) will become more liquid, construction volumes will increase. In addition, the capital of the new province, Alanya, will have all the institutions and departments working in Antalya today (for example, its own Governorship, foreign consulates, etc.).

✴  In any case, it is a great chance and advantage for Alanya to get the status of a province and turn into the capital. This will benefit both Turkish citizens and foreigners. What do you think?

Recall that this year 11 more districts of the country may become separate provinces of Turkey.