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Golf ?


Experts accepted the document 129 The first written source of golf 129 in 1297, referring to the play f Colf anan, played by North Dutch sailors, while many authorities in 1457 ruled King II. James sees the ”prohibition statement lanan approved by James as the first written document. If examined carefully; it is seen that different sources point to Scotland in the 1400s as the origin of golf.

The emergence of golf, evocative of the present, takes us to Scotland in the early 15th century. A game played among the people by inserting round stones into the holes with the help of thick sticks gains the appreciation of many people in a short time. This game is called “chole..

While calendars show 1552, a major step is taken to make golf the game of the larger masses. Scotland's The archbishop of the city of Andrews announces that the local community can also use the golf courses, and in the same year history's first golf tournament is held there.

Golf, which was played only in Europe until the mid-1600s and continued to develop here, jumped to America in 1659 and began to be played in Albeny, New York.

In 1744, golfers from Edinburgh founded the first golf club in history under the name of Hon The Honorable Company ”.

The first rules of golf written on paper, It was published in 1754 by Andrews Golfers (later renamed Royal & Ancient Golf Club).

For many years, golf has been played with 22 holes, and the four holes of the field at St Andrews are subtracted and played with 18 holes.

The curiosity of golf, which is spreading day by day in Europe and become a disease, manifests itself in America and the country's first golf club, South Carolina Golf Club, is established.

While calendars show 1848, less costly utt guttie ”balls emerge than those made of feathers. “Gutties uzun also allow longer strokes than others.

The Ladies Golf Club was the first golf club for women. It was founded in St. Andrews, and in 1875 the golf clubs of Oxford and the University of Cambridge became operational.

Twenty years later, the US Open Golf Tournament is held for the first time. The first European to win this tournament was the British Harry Vardon, who was there for a different purpose in the “New World ında in 1900.

in the same year, he recorded one of the most important stages in golf history and for the first time became an Olympic identity with the 1900 Paris Olympics.

The outbreak of World War II affects golf as well as all other sports. After the fall of the shadow of World War I, golf takes its share in sports activities all over the world, especially in Europe, and the British Open is not played in 1915.

Today, together with the Royal Ancient Golf Club, the Professional Golf Association (PGA), which determines the line of world golf, was established in 1916 with the participation of 82 noble members.

By the 1940s, the golf industry had already forgotten the effects of World War I. The outbreak of World War II turns everything upside down. Expenditure of rubber and spending on military resources raises the prices of golf balls to unbelievable figures, and the US Government bans the production of golf supplies until war ends in 1942 on the grounds that it is luxurious and unnecessary.

Mildres Zaharias, nicknamed “Baby“ in 1947, succeeded in becoming the first American woman to win the UK Open Golf Tournament, and in the same year the US Open Golf Tournament was broadcast by local Saint Louis Television. With the publication of Golf World Magazine, golf has strengthened its position in the media and has made a major progress towards reaching larger audiences.

By the middle of the 20th century, golf is a sector in itself, and authorities are aware of it. That's why PGA and the Royal Ancient Golf Club come together to work to turn golf into a more complex and interesting sport. In 1951, the revised and revised rules of his play were announced to the world.

The new rules reach its goal in a short time, and as soon as the "one-eyed" legendary player of golf, Tommy Armour, wrote "How to Play Best Golf All the Time", it is on the "bestseller" list. Another veteran, Ben Hogan, is strengthening his reputation in the field rather than the table. Hogan wins the first three of the 1953 Grand Slams, the Masters, the US Open and the UK Open, but he cannot continue his success at the PGA Championship.

After the racism in America is over, the representatives of the black race begin to show themselves in the green fields as in many sports. Charlie Sifford breaks a chain that has been going on for centuries, participating in the PGA’s Greensboro Open in 1961.

As the sector grows day by day, the amounts gained by professional golfers also increase to a serious extent. In 1963, Arnold Palmer succeeded in leaving many tournaments and became the first player to win over $ 100,000 in a year.

By 1968, the player at the top of golf had not changed. In the years when Palmer continues to add wealth to his fortune, he sets another record and earns more than 1 million marks from competitions within a year.

Following Charlie Sifford, another black player made another first in 1975 and participated in the Masters Tournament.

In the same year, the PGA takes certain measures to prevent fatal accidents caused by lightning and similar events during golf events. However, all these measures will not prevent lightning that occurred in the 1991 Hazeltine National Tournament, which cost the lives of 4 golfers.

When the dates show 1980, the PGA Senior Tournament starts with 4 official competitions. Thus, the world of gof has a new tournament where former masters can face their arch rivals.

When the use of square corrugated golf clubs is banned by the American Golf Association (USGA) and PGA on the grounds that it provides an extra advantage, Karsten, a manufacturer, begins a legal challenge that will last for two years and legally cancels this decision on the grounds that it is a hindrance to the development of golf.

After the PGA in 1990, R & A also required the use of 1.68 inch diameter balls, since 1910, a kind of world-wide golf standards that can not meet the same standards, the same rules are played everywhere.

How to Play GOLF ?

The goal in the game of golf; ”Insert the ball from the so-called‘ tee ground, into the hole in the so-called green green la with the minimum number of strokes ”.

There are two different ways of playing in a specially crafted 9 or 18 hole pitch; Play match play anan played according to won or lost holes and play stroke play layan aiming to finish with minimum strokes.

In the match game, the person who puts the ball to the target with the least number of strokes wins that hole. After all games, the player who wins the most holes is the winner of the match. In the game played according to the number of strokes, the party completing the 18 holes with the minimum number of strokes wins.

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