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About Turkey

Turkey; It attracts foreign investors from all over the world with its position that connects Europe and Anatolia and its developing economy.

For years holiday for our country flocked to want to settle now by foreigners, government incentives given to the implementation of the new structure and property of the people "profit guarantee investments," the rise as seen in the construction, today as one of the most advanced sectors of our country forward çıkıyor.türkiye periods of political issues construction companies see these problems as barriers to more serious investments rather than a barrier to sales. Those who are engaged in this business by buying or selling real estate continue their shopping even in the summer when the sector is most stagnant. The housing sales statistics published by TURKSTAT for August, pointing to an increase, prove this.


Especially in the last 4 years, foreign investors have a serious interest in our country. Of course, the change in the Reciprocity Law, which came into force on May 18, 2012, has a large share in this. This change in the condition of reciprocity by foreigners to buy property in Turkey no longer be searched quickly and easily, owned property. Furthermore, the bureaucratic obstacles have been completely eliminated thanks to the increase of the residence permit of foreigners from 3 months to 1 year. To acquire property in Turkey now it stands out even more attractive as an option.


Today, when we examine the branded real estate projects whose sales are completed; Although regional and segment differences are noteworthy, we see that up to 10 percent of all sales are made to foreign investors. Particularly, investors coming from Gulf countries buy many flats from a real estate project they like and even buy one floor of the project completely and obtain living spaces where they can stay for a long time especially in summer months. In that period they rent their apartment in Turkey giving their expert guidance of the companies providing services in this regard they make a double gain. Also in Turkey, to provide a more modern life, according to Middle Eastern countries, to serve as a bridge between Muslim countries and Europe also brings an ideal holiday location for our country. On the other hand, the European investor mostly prefers to buy real estate from the coast.

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