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Buying Property in Turkey ?

Advice on Buying a Property in Turkey for Foreigners

Since 2010, foreigners have been buying a property in Turkey and statistics released by TAKBIS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System) show that every year, increasingly more nationalities choose to invest in Turkish real estate.

Initially, sales were restricted to nationalities that had a reciprocal agreement with Turkey, but in 2013, the Turkish government abolished this rule which in turn boosted the foreign market even more. Property purchases in Turkey by foreigners have increased every year, and this figure will continue to increase in the years to come.

Buying Property in Turkey: Foreign Versus Turkish Buyers

The Turkish government has simplified the buying process for foreigners as much as possible, but due to logistics, there are still some differences in the procedure for Turks and foreign nationalities.


When a Turkish person buys property, payment and signing for title deeds (Tapu in Turkish) take two to three days. Foreigners usually complete the process in roughly five days, because of transferring the money from foreign accounts. This is factoring in two days for viewing and sales contracts and three days for money transfer, get an appraisal report and application for title deed.

Aftersales Service

When Turks buy a house, they want to complete as much of the process themselves, typically to save money but because they also know the system. Real Estate agencies are not offering any service after Tapu delivery for Turkish Citizens. However, foreigners don’t speak Turkish, don’t have knowledge about navigating offices and red tape procedures, and often seek support from their estate agent to complete aftersale services. This can include water and electric connection or name changes, residence permits as well as other house owner obligations such as paying council tax or carrying out maintenance.

1. Prepare Your Wish List

- What is your purpose?

- What are the features that your property must have?

- What is your budget?

And many more for your wish list.

2. Come for Viewing Tour

- Buy your ticket and come to Turkey

- Feel the lifestyle of marvelous Turkey

3. Visit Selected Properties

- We select for you the best 3 or 4 options that suit your needs

- Visit these portfolios with our expert team


4. Negotiate Terms

- Sales conditions

- Payment terms

5. Pay Deposit

- Be ready to pay deposit to reserve the propety and fix the price

6. Sign Contract

Be sure that you to purchase:

- The exact property which is shown to you

- From the actual seller

- Without any debt

- Under the agreed conditions

7. Get a Tax Number

    Bring your passport to get tax number

8. Open a Bank Account

Documents needed:

- Passport copy (colored)

- Passport translation

- Translated copy of an utility bill for an electricity, water subscription to prove your offical residential address in your homeland

9. Get the Appraisal Report

- To make sure the real value of the property, the appraisal report is mandatory


10. Get Your Title Deed

- Application to Land Registration Office

- Pay the taxes

- Sign the conveyance act

100% happiness at the end

For foreigners buying property in Turkey, Din Bolig Alanya Emlak A.Ş. offers a comprehensive service from sourcing properties to your requirements and budget as well as settling in and introducing you to responsibilities of home ownership in Turkey.

After completing a viewing trip, customers make a deposit on the property of their choice with a passport and 5.000 USD (or Euro). After notarising passports and obtaining tax numbers, we also prepare and notarise sales contracts with the help of a lawyer of your choosing. You can give power of attorney to a lawyer or to a representation to proceed on behalf of you at Notary Public.

At this point, if the customer wishes to open a bank account or use bank loan, we can also help with that, but importantly, we start the process with the General Directorate for Land Registry and Cadastre to have the Tapu transferred into the buyer’s name.

When we are notified that the deeds are ready for signing, full payment for the property needs to be transferred to the seller. (Example of Turkish title deeds.)

The Chamber of Commerce says real estate agents can charge 2% from the seller and 2% from the buyer. However, if a buyer buys an off plan or brand-new home from a construction company, they often waive buyer’s commission rates.

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